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A Night of Talent and Laughs

December13, 2017
by WHS Webmaster

   If you have not seen the Globewest Theatre’s latest laugh a minute riot then you have missed a great event.  Luckily the play runs from Wednesday thru Saturday nights and it’s right on our own campus in our fantastic black box theatre.  The cast of “Night of the Living Beauty Pageant” is huge and varied.  With experienced and beginners alike this whacky group of 27 stars take the stage fast and furious and leaves us thirsting for more shenanigans as we wonder how this beauty pageant will end, knowing that its entire premise is a money making scam that Joe Allen (Norris Vo) and Steve Bentley (Bryan Coria) have conjured up with the semi-cooperative Sheri Page (Joy Yang).   Having a small pageant of only 5 contestants makes for little profit as Ana Fuentes, Leslie Nguyen, Magali Gutierrez, Katy Nguyen and Megan Glader battle with seldom seen talents to win over the less than qualified judges.  With no money to pay the bills, theatre owner Mrs. Hoopway (Allison Chayette) is certain to close the show before it begins and the revenge-minded Knuckles, Cuddles and Fingers (Zeron Aduna, Katelyn Rietberg, and Brian Ngo) are eager to do the same.  With some police intervention, rich kid involvement, and genuine contestant sabotage the audience is invited along for the ride and Melba the cleaning lady (Diana Nguyen) has to tidy up each act.  Don’t miss the rest of the cast with Andrew Pham, Celine Nguyen, Jamie Nguyen, Mindy and Annie Hoang, Cassandra Rocha, Jessica Jimenez, Ngan Phan, David Ngo, Bella Cruz, Sandy Nguyen, Jennifer Pham, Ivanna Lopez and Ngoc Nguyen.   The play, of course, would not happen without the expertise of a very seasoned director in Gregg Munsell and his stage manager Ruby Jimenez.  Join this fun or miss out on the theatrical event of the season.  Spoiler alert . . . don’t mumble around Knuckles or he’ll make you a sandwich you don’t want to taste!

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