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A Talented Staff Show their Stuff

March6, 2017
by WHS Webmaster

Students came in by the hundreds as it was Friday night and the WHS Choir had promised a show that would never be duplicated…14 teachers putting their singing, writing, guitar-playing and comedic dance out for the world to see and, in the end, the world loved it!  Sandra Gallegos knew that giving students a great show was a fantastic way to bring some needed money into the Choir Program to buy tuxedos, dresses and help with entering competitions for her singers, and the faculty lived up to its talented billing.

The night began with DJ Tunes cranking out hot songs to get the crowd ready for what Master of Ceremonies, Tim Boyd, would announce as the show of the year.  Instantly the screaming fans were pleased to see the “Science Singers” of Kim Gonzalez and James Nguyen, featuring Huy Pham, Khang Bao and the Gonzalez dancers, teaching us everything that our school produces with the Lion Anthem Party.  This act was so good that they had to do it twice!   Some folks prefer softer music and the 1960’s came back to life as Judy Peterson was helped out by Kevin Rans as she gave a great rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Me and My Bobby McGee.”

Heading a bit further south we were all entertained by the dancing of our Folklorico Dance Club lead by Karen Manosalvas.  The colorful and beautiful, precision dancing had the crowd erupt with applause.   This was followed by the ghost of Janis Joplin (who, somehow also answered to the name of Trees Hill) as she informed our students of the importance of humility, caring, and the importance of owning a Mercedes Benz.  The final act prior to intermission had the crowd joining in as our principal, Joe Fraser, showed his ability to capture the audience with his soothing voice and ukulele skills.

Grupo Activo played their guitars beautifully as Ulises Villacana joined them for 3 songs that had the AP Spanish students joining in from the packed bleachers.  Going to a smaller act, Kevin Rans played his 12-string guitar and had a AAA grade for singing about proper care for your car.  And like a smooth engine, he was perfectly tuned.  Drumming up support for choir, John Whatley and Mark Young had a battle of the Beat as they squared off in an awesome contest of dueling drum kits.  Things then got hot as Lawrence Nguyen put on a Paris by Night show in his delightful rendition of “I Need a Girl” and, according to the reaction of the crowd, the search should be quick.  The final act of the night was “well supervised” as DJ Tunes and Supa-Sang hip-hopped their way across the gym for a high energy closer.

The sensational crowd entertained themselves with the Lion Mambo as the panel of judges made their decisions and handed it back to the Choir to announce the 2nd place award to drummers John Whatley and Mark Young.  The anticipated moment was met with great applause as the 1st place award went to…Kevin Rans!

A fun night for all!!

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