5/14 Announcements

May14, 2018
by jmilligan

Good Morning Lions!


P – Prepare for college and career


Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


ATTENTION SENIORS – The Fines List has been posted for Seniors currently owing fines. Please check the Finance Office window (G1) to see if you currently owe any fines. Now is the time to work to clear them.


Seniors, if you’d like to speak at graduation, applications are available in G-1 and due May 15th.


TODAY IS THE DAY!!! It’s Chipotle Day at Westminster Center! Book Club is hosting this delicious fundraiser as we end this wonderful school year! Come get a snack before you study for finals! Think of those big burritos that are so yummy! That is today, friends, 3 PM to 7 PM. Thank you! And see you at Chipotle!!!


Seniors Grad Nite tickets sales today during lunch only in front of ASB.


Hey Seniors! If you purchased a panoramic picture, stop by G1 today and pick it up!

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