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A-G Requirements

Always refer to the WHS UC approved course list, which can be found at www.ucop.edu/doorways/

“A” History/Social Science
2 years required
• World History
• US History

“B” English
4 years required
• English 1A & 1B
• English 3 & 4 must be college preparatory (CP)
Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses recommended

“C” Mathematics
3 years required, 4 years recommended
• Must begin with Algebra 1 and continue through
at least Algebra II
• Make sure to take a math course during your senior year

“D” Laboratory Science
2 years required, 3 years recommended
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics.

“E” Language other than English
2 years required, 3-4 years recommended
Must be two years of the same language
• Spanish, Español (Spanish for Spanish speakers)
• French
• Vietnamese

“F” Visual & Performing Art (VPA)
1 year required
• Art, Art of Film, Ceramics, Computer Graphics, Digital Cinema, Studio Art, Theater, and Wind Ensemble among others.
• Must be on WHS UC approved course list

“G” College Preparatory Elective
1 year required
Can be a NON-INTRODUCTORY course chosen from “a – f”
Can be chosen from the list of “g” courses found on WHS UC approved list such as:
• Economics, Senior Year of AVID, and Developmental Psychology of Children