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UC System

University of California Application
The application and instructions are available online at http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/undergrad_adm/apply_to_uc.html
Once you start your application-turn off pop-up blockers. The application uses pop-ups to tell you how to fill it out.
Application is for admissions & scholarships, so fill out the complete application.
One application for domestic and international students to apply to any and all campuses.
When submitting online, be sure to save your work as you can be timed out! Personal statements should be typed on MS Word or other word processor and then copied and pasted into essay windows.
Always declare a major and put down an alternate major.
Self-Report – Don’t evaluate
No GPA calculations on official application.

Don’t forget to list all courses on self-report, even bad grades.
Go to www.ucop.edu/pathways/infoctr/doorway_index.html for the approved course list.

Obtain a copy of your transcript-unofficial will work-and a copy of your test scores.

Apply to more than one campus. This will increase your chances of acceptance!

Pay attention to deadlines. Don’t lose out because you procrastinate!

Use phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web addresses for assistance.

Direct any questions to the UC Outreach Processing Center (800) 523-2048
Do not call the individual campuses during the application period.

The Personal Statement is extremely important!
Eleven Pieces of Advice:
Write to the actual prompts and read the accompanying instructions.
Write your own essay (Authentic voice should be present)
Your essay should reveal your own personality.
Cast a cold eye on essay writing books, these offer examples only.
Do not mistake a list for an essay
Essay = reasoning; not a narrative.
Allow time for subjection of essay; take time to read it to yourself several times.
Read the essay aloud to trusted people and ask their opinion.
Don’t try to be wildly funny or creative.
Avoid cliches or timid sentiments. Examples of tired and used topics:
I want to make the world a better place…
After watching grandma suffer from disease I want to become a doctor.
Through sports… I’ve learned the value of hard work.
Do not manufacture hardships.
Do NOT be cute with font or format. Use standard format for essay writing.
Proofread and edit!!!
Responsibilities of Students
Meet all deadlines.
Complete standardized testing by December of Senior year.
Check and proofread application and make sure it is signed.

Keep/print a copy of completed application. If online, you will save a copy to your profile.
Make sure you have sent your official test scores to the schools which you have applied!
Contact all campuses you applied to when:
A “D” or “F” grade is received in the senior year.
Any changes occur to the self-report like dropping a class.
There is a change of address and/or phone number.

Go to the UC website for the most up to date A-G list: https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/

Type in Westminster High School and click Search.
Select Westminster High School, Westminster, CA.
Review list to make sure you will meet or exceed all requirements