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Scholarships & Financial Aid

There is a lot of money out there to help you pay for college, but some of it will require some work on your behalf!

These are free scholarship searches that match student characteristics to scholarship program criteria.  Be careful of scholarship scams; you should never have to pay for scholarship information.


We also have a scholarship binder in the career center with scholarship information  that is updated regularly.

Who  can apply for financial aid?

Everybody. No matter what your background, everyone should apply for financial aid; just in case. Even if you think that you are not going to attend school after high school, do it anyways. Even if you think your family makes too much money, do it anyways. You never know what can happen. Things change, people lose jobs, get hurt, natural disasters occur, life changes…better to have a back up!

What is financial aid? -Four parts
Free money from the college or private organizations.

Free money from the state or college.

Work Study
the college gets you a job on or around campus that helps you pay for your education.
You have to pay this back; last resort but they are low-interest, paid over time starting six months after you complete your education. It’s an investment in your future and if it comes to down to you either going to school with a loan, or not going to school without a loan, take the loan.

How does it work?
Two forms to apply:

FAFSA form www.fafsa.ed.gov

  • FAFSA stands for the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Make sure you submit before March 2nd
  • Submitted to federal government-based on family income and taxes-gives what is called the EFC or the Expected Family Contribution.
  • The government sends you a SAR (Student Aide Report) that tells you your EFC.
  • The government sends info from FAFSA to schools you list on FAFSA
  • Schools will send you a financial aid package that includes all four parts.
  • You then can decide whether to accept all, part, or none of your financial aid offer.
  • First step to apply for FAFSA -a PIN number! You and your parents should sign up for a Personal Identification Number at www.pin.ed.gov. If your parents have one already for an older brother or sister, they don’t need a new one and use the same one they used before…

Cal Grant GPA Verification form:
You must attend a California school to get a Cal Grant.

  • You must fill out a FAFSA form to get a Cal Grant.