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Online Portfolio Guide

  1. Log in
    1. Log in
    2. Go to www.google.com
    3. Click on the “Sign In” link at the upper-right corner of the web page (hint: black bar)
    4. Use your _____@student.hbuhsd.edu account
  2. Making your own site
    1. You will be directed to the “Welcome to Google  Apps” Home Page,
    2. You will click on “Sites” at the top left of the web page
    3. Next, click “Create” to make your new site
    4. It will ask you to create a name for your site in the “Name your site” box (ex. John Thoai Nguyen – John T. Nguyen – Nguyen, John – Nguyen, John T.”)
    5. Whatever name you put in, it will appear as your URL.  So when your teachers want to view your site, they can just type in https://sites.google.com/a/hbuhsd.edu/yournamehere
  3. Choose your own theme: (Note: it is recommended that students use the template listed below)
    1. E-Portfolio By jwalker2 Basic template for e-portfolio. Includes site navigation on left-hand side and a drop down menu on the top of the site. (Students can find this template under Schools & Education in the Browse the gallery for more section when they create the website.)
      1. Look for “Select a theme”
      2. Click on the “+” next to it to choose your own theme
      3. For Site Categories and Site Description click on the “+” next to “More Options”
      4. Under “Collaborate With” it should automatically check in “Everybody at  Westminster High School” for you
      5. When you are ready, click “Create” at the top of the web page (hint: the link is highlighted in red)
  4. Online Portfolio Checklist (Tabs/Sub-tabs)- Refer to Portfolio Checklist
    1. Home
      1. Letter to Reader/ A picture of you
    2. All About Me
      1. Autobiography
      2. Letter of Recommendation
      3. Job Application
      4. Resume and Reference Page
      5. Graduation Speech
    3. English Work
      1. 9th grade
      2. 10th grade
      3. 11th grade
      4. 12th grade
    4. Work Samples from Other Classes (These can be core classes or electives.  Show off whatever     you’re proud of.)
    5. School Spirit
      1. Sports
      2. Clubs
      3. Friends/Family
    6. Future Goals
  5. Table of Contents – Making TABS on the left side of the page
    1. Once you are on the Edit Home Page
    2. On the top right of the page, look for “+ Create Page”
    3. It will ask you  to NAME your page
    4. Your first page should be “All About Me”
    5. You need to bubble in “Put page at top level” that way this page won’t go inside “Home” page
    6. After that click “Create Page” and it will get you back to the Edit Home Page
    7. The “All About Me” page should be under “Home” not inside the “Home” page
  6. First Tab – “All About Me”
    1. After you have made an “All About Me” tab
    2. Continue to go back to “+ Create Page” to create the rest of the pages
    3. See the list in section 5 (V)
    4. You should now see them below “All About Me” on the Edit Home Page
    5. On the right top hand corner, click on “More Actions”
    6. Click on “Manage Site” near the bottom of the list of options
    7. Now look for “Pages” on the left side and click on it
    8. You should see “Yourname – Home – All About Me –  and the list of pages that belong in that section
    9. To make it look more organized, you have to make your other pages  into sub-tabs.
    10. In order to do that, you must DRAG your “Letter of Recommendation” into your “All About Me”
    11. Repeat the same step for the other pages
    12. Just click “Return to site” after you finished with everything
    13. Now you should see “All About Me” as one of your tabs and your “Letter of Recommendation” and so on as your sub-tabs.
    14. Repeat the same process for the rest of the pages
      • (Ex. Next tab: English Work Samples – Sub-tabs: 9th grade, et cetera)
  7. Upload Photos
    1. In order to upload a photo, you have to choose a page and click on “Edit Page”
    2. At the top left of the page, click on “Insert”
    3. Click on “Image”
    4. Now use the “Choose File” dialog and locate the image you wish to upload
    5. After you have uploaded a picture, now click on that picture and click “OK”
  8. Upload Documents/Essays
    1. Look for “Documents” on the very top of the page; it should be next to “Sites”
    2. After clicking on it, it will open up to a new window
    3. Click on “Upload” to upload an essay
    4. There will be a box that says “Upload settings”
    5. It is best to bubble in all three of them
    6. Click “Start Upload” when you are ready
    7. Your essay should appear on the screen
    8. Next put the pointer on the name of your essay and you should see “Actions” appear
    9. Click on it and the second thing you should see on the list is “Share…”
    10. There should be a box that says your essay is private, look for “Change”
    11. Now change it from “Private” to “Public on the web” or “Anyone with the link”
    12. Click “Save” and then “Close” after you are finished
    13. Next to the name of your essay, it should have the word “Shared”
    14. Go BACK to your site, pick a page to upload your essay and click “Edit Page”
    15. Under “Insert” look for “Document”
    16. There should be a box and the essay you just uploaded should be in the box
    17. Click on the essay and then click “Select”
  9. Edit Sidebar
    1. Just in case, if your tabs are out of order (ex. Home – Future Goals – All About Me – English Work…)
    2. Go to “More Actions” and click on “Manage Site”
    3. Click on “Site Layout”
    4. Click on “edit” under “Navigation”
    5. If a certain page that you created isn’t there
    6. Click on “Add Page”
    7. To move, Pages or put them in order, use the ARROWS on the right side
    8. To delete a page, click on the “X”

If you have additional concerns, please speak to Mr. Berger in the K4/K10.