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Summer Project

Advanced Placement English Literature Summer Project

Read three novels from the 12th grade AP Supplemental Reading List.  Each novel is to come from a different century:  one from the 19th century, one from the 20th and one from the 21st.  Yes, that means you will be looking up publication dates for all novels (you might want to take advantage of that research by reading the synopses of each novel.)

  • Students will be required to keep a Literature Log for EACH of the THREE novels read over the summer.
  • Use the format below for your your Literature Log.
  • You must provide 15 entries PER NOVEL that span beginning to end of the book!
  • Each Literature Log will be worth 20 points!

You will be taking a literary terms test during the first week of school on the following terms:

  • Sentences:  loose, periodic, balanced, declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative; syntax function and form
  • Literary terms:  Tone, Mood, Symbol, Syntax, Apostrophe (not the punctuation mark), Antithesis, Personification, Assonance, Metaphor, Diction, Simile, Point of View, Paradox, Imagery, Hyperbole, Denotation, Understatement, Allusion, Irony, Connotation.

Complete the AP English Literature Biblical Religious allusions sheet (20 points).
Read a poem from the works of an AP recommended poet and fill out the poetry worksheet (20 points). You must also print a copy of the poem on which to write your annotations regarding found poetic devices, theme, structure/form, genre, historical background…Your poem should be heavily notated; show your thinking!

ALL WORK is DUE the first day of school and an essay within the FIRST TWO WEEKS of school. Your project will be worth 100 points total!

Literature Log Format:

Note: you may use a spiral notebook for the lit logs, but typed logs would be preferable.

Literary Term/DeviceThe sentence you found/located the deviceThe affect of device on passageThe affect of passage on the work (novel) as a whole
In this column you need to write the literary term/device:
Example: Metaphor
In this column you write the sentence the device is found in: Example: “Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor.” (8-9)
“Boys & Girls”, from The House on Mango Street
In this column you will explain how the line affects or enhances the reader’s understanding of the passage. Include the term in your interpretation. What does this sentence say to you?
This metaphor...
In this column you will explain how the passage affects or enhances the reader’s understanding of the passage as a whole.

Literary Criticisms

Choose ONE of your summer reading selections to develop a slideshow presentation on your choice of one of the following literary criticisms:

  • Historical Criticism (this might include political and cultural)
  • Feminist Criticism
  • New Criticism
  • Psychological Criticism

Note: This is a research-based assignment, so you will need to read articles/journal reviews on the literary criticism of your choice and articulate how the criticism provides a deeper understanding of your novel/play.

Your presentation MUST be submitted (shared) the first day of AP Literature & Composition class.


8 Slides minimum (the title slide does not count as one of the 8!)

Slide 1 should consist of a summary of your novel/play

Slides 2/3 should list key concepts such as themes &

characterization (don’t list, provide brief analysis)

Slide 4-6 should show evidence of the literary criticism.

  • Explain your choice of criticism
  • Summarize the reviewer/author’s perspective on the work as they view it through the critical lens you chose

Slide 7 should comment on your analysis and how the criticism influenced your understanding of the novel/play.

Slide 8 should provide a list of references used in the presentation in MLA format.