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Summer Assignment

AP Macro Economics Summer Assignment Instructions

Welcome to AP Macroeconomics! All students enrolled in AP Macroeconomics have a required summer assignment due the first day of school. Your summer assignment is broken up into two separate worksheets posted on my drive. Print out both of these and handwrite all of the answers. No typed work will be accepted! Although you can do this without the AP Econ textbook, having the textbook will be very beneficial to you and your understanding of the material. There is a lot of information online that is important, but not relevant to this class. Both summer assignments are due the first day of school, if you do not have all of your work handwritten and stapled together then points will be deducted for late work. Do not lose easy points!

If you have any questions or concerns please email Mr. McBride

Although It is extremely important that you get both of these done in order to have the foundation we need to hit the ground running on day one, it is also important that you relax, recover, and enjoy your summer. Ap Government will discuss many of the rights and powers that citizens and politicians have, but AP Macroeconomics will cover many of the incentives that guide the decisions that they make. Both are extremely valuable and dare I say enjoyable when applied to what is actually happening in the world around you. I strongly recommend watching/listening to the news, reading some news articles, checking the stocks app on your iPhone, and trying to talk to your family about what is happening in the world. I will post a couple of resources to help your interests.