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Lions Crown Homecoming Court & Show Panther’s the King of the Beasts

October16, 2017
by WHS Webmaster

     This was quite a night at Boswell Field as Alumni came back from the past 59 years and showed spirit from throughout the ages.  It began with nearly 100 former graduates gathering for a pasta dinner from longtime supporter, Paul’s Deli.  The dinner in the stadium included an awesome shirt worn by over 100 alumni including the current Football coaching staff of head coach Ted McMillen, Mikie Blackburn, Mike Dodd, Steven Anderson, Alex DeGiacomo, Bryan Mejia and Luke Goode.  The crowd was excited and hoped for a good game and that’s exactly what they all witnessed.

     After the dinner all present were able to see our Entertainment Unit perform their normal halftime routine a bit early to leave time for the halftime crowning of the king and queen.  That anticipated event, however, was going to have to wait a bit as the Football team had a daunting task at hand.  It seems that our 4-2 varsity team was playing host to the undefeated, number 1 CIF ranked, Orange Panthers.  Their team came in firmly holding Division 13 in their claws and certainly remembered that they were 8-0 when the Lions defeated them last season.  They were loaded with talent and eager to show it.  Fortunately for Westminster…the same could be said for the Lions.  Jumping fast the Lions recovered the opening onside kick and two plays later Christian Jaime scored on a 24-yard run behind a surging offensive line.  Jacob McGookin scored on a 2-point conversion and the Lions were up 8-0.  The lead didn’t last long as the Panthers stuck back and tied the score.  Noah Melbon then hit Francisco Lopez for a 12-yard touchdown pass and Juan Rivera made the PAT to go up 15-8.  Orange was quick to attack and scored a second time, but were intercepted by Waihin Soe to stop the conversion attempt.  The half-time score had the Lions up with a 15-14 lead and the homecoming court eager to find out who had been selected as king and queen.  The entire court of Tramy Vu, Mindy Hoang, Jenile Ho, Danny Tran, Nathan Nguyen, Alex Aguilera, Natalie Monroy, Vivian Nguyen, Emily Aranda, Israel Solis, Josh Martinez and Daniel Lopez were honored to be selected with Queen Jacklynn Tran and King Andrew Lam.

     With the coronation aside that bit of business was to be put off until the dance on Saturday night.  Now there was a Football game to settle.  The one point lead did not last long as the Panthers made a 99-yard drive and took a 22-15 lead.   The next possession had the Lions march the distance as Jaime scored on a 27-yard pass from Melbon and it was back to a 22-22 tie.  With tough defense we regained the ball and soon thereafter Melbon hit Chris Samilton for a 19-yard touchdown and a 29-22 lead.  Just to keep things exciting the Panthers tied the game with 4 minutes left and plenty of excitement in the air.  Staying very calm Melbon lead the team down the field as Jaime score his 3rd touchdown of his 222 yard rushing night with 30 seconds left to insure the win.  Wait…that is just not exciting enough as now the Panthers marched to the Lion 27-yard line and threw the final pass high into the air as the crowds on each side screamed in anticipation.  As the dust settled it was Lion sophomore Carlos Moreno who intercepted the ball and the Lions had won the game for their 14th consecutive time vs Orange.  The crowd never goes home early this year as excitement is what we provide.  This was a great night for students, faculty, alumni, parents, players and coaches.  And now a new king and queen.    

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