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Lions Track on the Prowl

March4, 2019
by WHS Webmaster

Wow did the rain come down on the Earl Engman relays as 24 schools prepared to square off in Track relay fashion. When the day was over everyone had a great experience and the Lions came out on top with 101 medals with the boys coming in 1st place and our girls coming in 2nd.
The boys took in an unbelievable 27 first place medals with a team of Paul Nguyen, Bryce Jenkins, Miguel Gonzalez, Mason Dupler, Ivan Zarate, Lloyd Maia, Steven Chu, Richard Nguyen, Andrew Nguyen, Ivan Cortes, Allen Nguyen, Tommy Thach, Zander Rainey, Devan Nguyen, Isaac Amosa, Tommy Ly, Eduardo Zarate, Hedgar Chavarria, Hai Le, Victor Andraca, Johnny Ha and Richard Nguyen.
The girls’ team was only one place out of coming in 1st, but their strong effort still allowed us to win the division 3 sweepstakes. The team was proud to boast Sophia Nguyen, Carolynn Putman, Alondra Hernandez, Haley Cardenas, Zaydee Solis, Zoe Sarun, Mena Vu, Emily Nguyen, Christine Nguyen, Carolynn Tran, Jen Tran, Vivian Nguyen, Tammy Ly, Itzel Olea, Karen Sandate, Tina Pham, Alexa Perez, Becky Muro, Jordan Galvin, Katie Lam and Annie Hoang. Congratulations go out to the entire team as well as their pruned toed, waterlogged supporters.

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