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Summer Assignment

You will want to have access to the following items during summer and for next year:

Summer Assignment

1. Photo scavenger hunt due THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 2015 — ONLINE THROUGH CANVAS.

2. Need pictures – with you in them – that show that you know how to find the following items in the real world.

• Monocot• Dicot
• Guttation• Adventitious roots
• Fungus• Protists
• Four (4) different invertebrate phyla• Fern
• Gymnosperm• Parasitism
• Area of low biodiversity• Area of high biodiversity
• Mutualism• Mimicry
• Situation involving the ANS• Oxidation - reduction
• Detritovore / decomposer• Competition
• Negative human impact on the environment• Positive human impact on the environment

3. Assemble into a document with a brief description of where you found the  structure and what it does.

4. You will be graded on how much you do as well as your descriptions. You do not need to finish the assignment to receive full credit.

5. This assignment is required of everyone in A.P. Biology…whether you have all summer or the start of the school year to complete it. If you do it during the summer, you simply have more time than the first 2 days of school.

  • Excellent resource for root words (a must for any type of life science course)
  • Your textbook
    • You should read chapters 1, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26
    • Focus on the big ideas of each chapter – don’t worry about the details, as there are lots of them
    • If you’re getting lost in the reading, be sure to at least look at the pictures, which are excellent
    • I would start to take notes; we’ll talk about how to take notes during the summer and start of year
  • Start of the year exam
    • You will be given an exam during the first two days of school that mimics the format of my exams throughout the year; it is based upon the videos (see below), chapters (see above) and summer assignment (see above)
    • Thursday will involve 30 multiple choice questions and 3 calculator-style questions
    • Friday will involve 4 free response questions
  • Canvas (eventually you’ll be added, but for now, I will use this email to gain access — expect an email!)
    • This is an interface that you may or may not know about, but we will be using it extensively next year
    • YOU MUST COMPLETE A PERFECT SAFETY TEST BY FRIDAY 28 AUGUST 2015 (end of the day); it is your call as to when you actually complete the safety test
    • I will post some activities for you to complete dealing with (1) searching for items online and (2) using spreadsheets. I highly recommend that you complete these tasks.
  • Educreations
    • “Lectures” or “lessons” for this class will be delivered through this system, for the most part
    • The first 10 lessons will be assessed the first few days of school

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Brothwell – 714-893-1381 ext. 4184
Westminster High School Science Department Co-Coordinator