Parent Involvement Policy

Huntington Beach Union High School District

Westminster High School

Parent Involvement Policy

In compliance with federal and state requirements and in collaboration with our parents, Westminster High School has developed a parent involvement policy that establishes the framework of school-family-community partnerships.  Since it is the goal of Westminster High School to establish a close relationship with our parents to improve student achievement, this policy takes into account the needs of our diverse community.  The school believes that a partnership between parents and school is essential for student success.


Westminster High School pledges to:

  1. Plan and implement weekly parent meetings to inform, advise, and/or establish two-way communication, and to offer appropriate trainings and/or workshops.
  2. Periodically revise the content of parent workshops and/or meetings.
  3. Convene an Annual Title I meeting to provide information about program participation, requirements, and services.
  4. Convene regular English Learners Advisory Committee meetings.
  5. Take into consideration parent obligations when scheduling school meetings.
  6. Provide child care when parents attend Title I/PELL sponsored meetings.
  7. Provide timely information about Title I and other school programs.
  8. Assist parents in understanding state based curriculum, student academic achievement and assessments, graduation requirements, and how to monitor student progress by having an open door policy in which parents can access bilingual personnel.
  9. Use handouts and/or school newsletters to provide information, techniques, and strategies to help parents improve their child’s education.
  10. Communicate and provide parents with information that is easy to understand in English, Spanish, and/or Vietnamese.
  11. Keep parents informed of their right to be involved in school activities and encourage their participation in advisory and/or decision making committees such as School Site Council, Parent-Teacher-Student Association, English Learners Advisory Committee/District English Learners Advisory Committee.
  12. Find ways to improve parents’ literacy in English.
  13. Collaborate with parents to create staff development opportunities to educate school staff on how to build ties and to understand the school community.
  14. Provide joint training opportunities to parents and school staff to help build partnerships with the community and increase parent participation.
  15. Establish a Parent Involvement District Advisory Council composed of staff and elected parents to review and revise the parent involvement policy, activities, and the school-parent compact to ensure that activities, timelines, and procedures are relevant to our school community.