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Process for Hiring Coaches

The DEA Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates a specific process for the hiring of athletic coaches.  Specifically, the agreement states:

All applications for the Voluntary Extra Assignment pay schedule (athletics) shall be filed with the Certificated Personnel Office on a standard District application form (Extra Assignment/Athletics).  The Certificated Personnel Office will review the application for completeness and will forward all completed applications to the appropriate school for screening, interviews, and selection.

Based upon this agreement, all applications for coaching positions (athletics) are to be sent to the certificated Personnel Office.  Applicants must complete a District Application for Extra Assignment (Athletics) Employment form.  Additional materials, such as letter of interest, resume, and letters of recommendation are optional.  Applications for coaching positions are not to be sent to the school or athletic director.  After the closing date for each position, the Certificated Personnel Office will review the applications.  The applications will then be sent to the appropriate school/site administrator.

When a Coaching Vacancy Occurs

Whenever a coaching vacancy occurs, the position should first be announced in written form (daily bulletin, posted on the bulletin board, etc.) at your school.  If there is a teacher(s) on campus that is interested in the position, apply your established criteria and standards, conduct interviews at your school and make a selection.  This process should take place before the position is posted districtwide.

If there is not a qualified teacher at your site to fill a specific coaching position, you should complete a Certificated Personnel Request form with specific criteria and send it to the Certificated Personnel Office.  Prior to requesting the Personnel Office post a coaching position, you need to determine if you have a teaching position to combine with the coaching positions.  Complete the Certificated Personnel REquest form, listing the appropriate position; i.e., Teacher/Coach, Walk-on Coach, etc.

Determining Specific Criteria

The criteria do not have to be the same for each coaching position or from school to school.  The criteria are an individual school’s decision.  Basic sample criteria have previously been distributed to you and your athletic director(s).  Again, it is the school’s responsibility to provide specific criteria with each posting.  Some examples of criteria are:  experience coaching at the high school level, proven record of organized and safe practices, ability to direct and supervise assistant coaches, ability to work with Booster organization, etc.

Remember when you establish criteria, you must be able to measure if the candidate meets the criteria.  You must be able to quantify each criterion.

Posting a Position Within the District

A coaching position, which has not been filled initially at the local school, must be posted within the District.  Posting of positions is the responsibility of the Certificated Personnel Office and will be posted for five days.  Remember, schools are not to contact the local newspapers about the vacant position during the initial posting within the District.

After the closing date, the Certificated Personnel Office will review the applications and forward all applications to the appropriate school/site administrator.  At that time, the school may proceed with paper screening, interviewing, and selection.

Application Requirements

At a minimum all applicants should submit an Application for Extra Assignment (Athletics) Employment form. Applicants may also submit supporting documents, i/e/, letter of interest, resume, etc.  Additional supporting documents are recommended for Head Coaching positions.

Consideration of Applicants/Paper Screening/Interviewing

Once a position is closed and the school has received the packet of applications, you should review or paper screen the applications to determine if the applicants meet your pre-determined minimum qualifications.  Individuals that meet the minimum established qualifications must be interviewed.

Notification of Applicants

All applicants that meet the minimum requirements, not selected for an interview or interviewed and not selected for the position, should be notified of their status.  Notification should be by telephone or written communication.  In addition, the site administrator in charge of athletics should maintain a record of all applicant notifications, including the date, time of the contact and the person making the contact.

Interview Questions/Criteria Standards

Interview questions should be developed around your established criteria.  In addition, questions should relate to your standards of qualifications, experience, demonstrated knowledge, skill, and success.  Be as specific as possible.  You need to be able to measure your questions against your criteria and standards.  General feelings by individual panel members are not an acceptable measurement.  As much as possible you should develop questions that are quantifiable.  Remember, in order to assist you in the determination if an applicant is qualified or not qualified, you need to pre-determine an acceptable level or standard of acceptance.  No illegal questions are to be asked.


All interview rating sheets and notes will be kept locked in a file at the site.  Your pre-established standards or criteria should be maintained for all applicants, both inside and outside.  It is important that you document the entire process and retain all your interview process materials.  This includes the criteria and standards for paper screening, interview questions and standards, supporting materials, rating forms, ranking, paper screening, interview panel participants, listing of interview dates and time, and a log of when and who notified the candidates of selection and non-selection.


Interview Panel/Rating Forms

You should have broad-based representation on your interview panels.  This is especially important for your high profile coaching positions.  The same interview team will meet with all candidates.  While it is your decision as to the composition of the interview panel, you should consider having the following groups represented:  administrator(s), athletic director(s), booster/parent(s),  teacher(s), and possibly and athletic director or coach from another school district with recognized expertise in that particular sport.  Each member of your panel should complete a rating form for each candidate interviewed.


Application for Extra Assignment (Athletics) Employment Form

The attached Application for Extra Assignment (Athletics) Employment form must be used for all athletic coaching positions(s) within the District.  If the position is a Teacher/Coach, applicants must also complete the Certificated Personnel Application for Employment form.


Posting a Position Outside the District

If the selected applicant is not a current employee processing must be completed by the HR Department (Certificated or Classified) before the applicant begins work.  Following fingerprint clearance and all other orientation requirements, the site administrator and athletic director will be notified that the coach may begin work.

Procedure for Hiring a Coach

  1. Athletic Director is notified of a need for a coach
  2. Position is announced in written form at our site
  3. If there is no response at our site – AP of Activities creates an online requisition
  4. District posts the position
  5. District Office receives from the candidates a current copy of the following:
    • Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card
    • First Aid Card
    • CPR Card
    • Concussion Training
    • NFHS Certificate
  6. Processing Paperwork includes the following:
    • Application
    • Beneficiary Information
    • Board Policies
    • DMV authorization
    • I – 9
    • W 4
    • Oath
    • Report of Conviction
    • Emergency Information
    • Employment Agreement
  7. Candidate must complete fingerprint process:  1 – 30 days for clearance
  8. Candidate must complete a TB test:  2 days to be read or up to 7 days for chest x-ray results. Must have been given within the last 60 days per Ed. Code
  9. Complete Keenan Online Safety Training – 3 modules which takes approximately 60 minutes
  10. Provide Payroll and Worker’s Compensation Information
  11. HBUHSD ID Card
  12. Items 6 – 12 must be completed and received by HR
  13. Requisition has been approved by all administrators, and is ready for final approval
  14. Site is notified via email upon final approval of requisition.  The coach may now start working.