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CP English 3

Course Description

College Prep English 3, is a demanding year-long college preparatory course. It is literature-based and integrates the study of writing, literature, speaking, listening, vocabulary, library skills and technology. Applying the writing process, students write interpretation, evaluation, observation, reflection, speculation about cause and effect, controversial issues, and report of information for academic purposes. Students read and analyze literary, historical and cultural backgrounds of American literature through a variety of genres. Using critical thinking skills, students analyze core works and relate them to their own lives. The vocabulary development emphasizes word attack strategies, taught in meaningful contexts. Students participate in a variety of interactive activities, particularly in the preparation and delivery of oral presentations. Students use traditional and electronic reference sources in their reading, writing, and speaking assignments. College Prep English 3 is an academic class designed specifically for serious, college-bound students. The class discussion, collaborative, and cooperative learning, writing assignments, and regular homework stimulate high levels of critical thinking.