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English 2 Honors

Course Description

English 2 Honors is an accelerated world literature course that integrates listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and research skills. In accordance with our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, students will also use multimedia technology to complete interdisciplinary research projects. Writing instruction, a major emphasis of the course, includes the study of English composition and rhetoric, literary analysis and argument. Using critical thinking skills, students analyze core literary works, relate themes to their own lives, and explore the historical, cultural, and literary significance of world masterpieces. Students also study mythology and legend, both as literature and as sources of literary allusion in western literature. The critical reading and vocabulary program emphasizes test preparation skills taught in meaningful contexts. We suggest that honors students take the PSAT this fall as a practice run for the SAT. Also, every student is to maintain a portfolio, a collection of work that evidences Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. Every sophomore student is also expected to take the California High School Exit Exam during second semester to meet graduation requirements.

This course is designed for highly motivated students. Class reading and writing assignments and homework are structured to stimulate high levels of critical thinking and to develop the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate. This advanced placement preparatory course requires students to complete independent reading assignments of twenty­five pages per night and daily homework assignments. Students who have petitioned and have signed waivers into this course will abide by the course expectations. The goal of this class is to prepare students for Advanced Placement English 4. English 2 Honors meets college entrance requirements and fulfills the requirements for the Academic Recognition Program which includes Scholar with Distinction, Scholar with Honors, and Scholar with Expertise.

HBUHSD Academic Honesty Policy regarding ethical behavior – these rules address infractions for plagiarism from any source, including online and network. Students found plagiarizing or cheating will receive a failing grade on the assignment. If plagiarizing or cheating becomes a pattern, students will receive a failing grade in the course and may even be dropped from the course. Refer to the WHS Academic Planner for specifics.

Fall Semester:Spring Semester:
Vocabulary Workshop

Vocabulary Workshop
Greek & Roman Mythology (review)Selected poems & stories from the World Literature Anthology
Selected poems & stories from the World Literature AnthologyGothic Unit:
The Theban Plays:Dracula
Oedipus Rex Oedipus at Colonus AntigoneFrankenstein
The Joy Luck ClubThe Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and
A House on Mango StreetMr. Hyde
Shakespeare:The Metamorphosis
Julius Caesar MacbethWar Unit:
Arthurian Legends:Candide
The Once and Future KingA Tale of Two Cities
Student Learning Assessments: Quizzes & TestsAll Quiet on the Western Front Animal Farm
AP CardsIn The Time of the Butterflies
EssaysStudent Learning Assessments: Quizzes & Tests
DebatesAP Cards
Oral Presentations (speeches & PPT’s) ProjectsEssays
Oral Presentations (speeches & PPT’s) Projects