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Summer Assignment 2017

Dracula Summer Project – 2019 – English 2 Honors – 100 points


  1. Read the following book: 


a. How to Read Literature Like a Professor https://cleveland.rrps.net/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=4043952



     b. Annotate your way through each of the twenty-seven chapters

Open the pdf book in Kami and annotate as you read.  

       What do you annotate? The big ideas, titles of literature,

        Explanations; analogies used, literary devices explained…


2. Then read the following novel:  Dracula by Bram Stoker published 1897 – Gothic Victorian epistolary novel


a. Dracula CLICK HERE

b. Open the novel pdf in Kami and annotate as you read the novel. You should be looking for reading or tips that you read about in How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

c. Color your annotations to designate how they apply to at least 10 of the 27 chapters in How to Read English Like a Professor.


3. Create a PPT of  10 slides that provides 10 examples (evidence)and their corresponding chapter from the Gothic Victorian novel Dracula to your choice of 10 chapters from How to Read Literature Like a Professor. Be sure to title each slide with the number and chapter title of  How to Read Literature Like a Professor; use appropriate color and font, edit for correctness; include graphics. Note: a PPT template has been created for you to use. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17xC87hhzhWuzg86otOfcQ89Os2GhiZPNavF5TCNWI4s/edit#slide=id.



Ch. 1 Every Trip Is a Quest (Except when it’s not)

The real reason for a quest is always self-knowledge.

Dracula – In chapter 1, Attorney Jonathan Harker leaves England on a journey (quest) to Count Dracula in Transylvania to conduct a real estate transaction whereby he becomes suspicious and fearful of Dracula’s intentions. After Dracula’s move to England, the quest becomes the call to Jonathan and his friends to find Dracula (Evil) and destroy him.