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Summer Assignment

Welcome to AP Macroeconomics! All students enrolled in AP Macroeconomics DO NOT have a required summer assignment. That being said, AP Economics can feel a bit fast paced at first. If you want to get ahead or have this class feel easier you can do some of the following:


1. All of the lectures for this class have been recorded and posted on youtube. This is the content we will be covering in this class. I recommend watching some of the videos from unit 1. They are the longest lectures because they lay the foundation for the academic language we will use throughout the year. Youtube Videos

2. One of the things you can do that will probably help the most with your success in both AP Gov and AP Econ is if you’re actually interested in the topics. Ap Government will discuss many of the rights and powers that citizens and politicians have, but AP Macroeconomics will cover many of the incentives that guide the decisions that they make. Many students have a difficult time finding sources to follow, watch, or listen to. I have compiled a list here. Comedy news is probably the most enjoyable way to gain interest in these subjects, but they tend to all have a left wing bias.