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AP US History

United States History Advanced Placement is designed for the strongly motivated, academically accelerated, college- bound student. This course is a survey of historical data, themes, concepts, personalities, and interpretations necessary to a basic understanding of our nation’s past from the colonial period to contemporary times. Students acquire, explore, and question central ideas and interpretations in American history and develop more effective writing and thinking skills. Major historical periods and topics include:

  • Colonialism (1607-1763)
  • Nationalism (1763-1820)
  • Expansion and Sectionalism (1820-1877)
  • Industrialism and the Last West (1865-1900)
  • Domestic Reform/International Involvement (1900-1920)
  • Prosperity and the Great Depression (1920-1940)
  • Global Conflict and World Leadership (1940-1960)
  • Changes in American Life (1960-Present) This course prepares students for the College Board’s AP national exam. It fulfills the district and state requirement, the Distinguished Scholar program, and the U.S. History requirement for the universities.