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Mr. Anderson & Mrs. Wells


The summer assignment purpose is both to give you a survey-level study of colonial and revolutionary US History and to provide you with the necessary tools to enable your success in AP US History. You will turn in your four-chapter assignment on the 2nd day of class in the fall.  The following day you will be taking a Multiple Choice (MC) Exam which covers the first three Periods of US History, 1491- 1763 (Through the French & Indian War though). The MC Exam will be stimulus based.


  • Check out Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty 4th Edition when it is available in the book room (you should also get access to an online book as well, which should help if you are traveling this summer).
  • Complete a Chapter Outline for each of the Chapters 1-4.  This will serve as your note taking for the chapter. That means that you need to read the chapters as well. You CANNOT type this!   But you do not need to write complete sentences. Chapter Outlines can be found HERE for Periods 1-2.  Print them out.
  • Analyze Documents Speech to the Massachusetts General Court and Letters to the Town of Providence on pages 78 and 79 in the textbook.  Complete a HIPPY Document Analysis Worksheet for EACH document.
  • Complete the three(3) assigned Short Answer Questions (SHAQ).

Answer the SHAQ on this form.  Each question must be on a separate SHAQ FORM!! It also must be written and not typed!!!

Use this link for help on how to answer a Short Answer Question.

Watch this Youtube video to help you understand how best to answer the question

  • Start to get to know the curriculum by reading the course description and going over the first two Periods of study for the course (starts on page 31).  You do not have to fill them out.

**Tips and Pointers!!!

  1. Do not wait
  2. Plan on one chapter per week (that’s 4 weeks!)
  3. Bullets 3 and 4 above should also take one more week (that’s 5 weeks of work!)