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LEP & CP Course Description

Introduction to Micro and Macroeconomics.  Topics covered include cost and benefits of choices, supply and demand, personal finance, market efficiency and monetary and fiscal policy.  Graduation requirement.

This course prepares students for the College Board’s Advanced Placement exam.  AP Economics is designed for the strongly motivated, academically accelerated college-bound student and fulfills the district requirement that all students will have completed a course in Economics designed to provide students with an overview of general economics theories and principles.  This course prepares students to make economic decisions especially related to life on their own after high school graduation.  The study of economics addresses basic economic problems, the nature of economic systems, the making of economic decisions in a market society, economic growth, economic fluctuations, national income and distribution.  The nature of consumer decision-making, money and sources, consumer buying, and the rights and responsibilities of consumers, producers, and citizens are also examined. This course fulfills the district and state economics graduation requirement and may partially fulfill the University of California’s elective requirement.