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Academic Honesty

Westminster High School, as a member of the Huntington Beach High School District, provides an environment that encourages honesty. Teachers will not ignore or condone cheating and that anyone discovered cheating will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. (HBUHSD Board Policy AR 5011)

Students are expected to

  • Refrain from acts of academic dishonesty
  • Refuse to aid any others in acts of academic dishonesty
  • Notify staff of any observations of acts of academic dishonesty
  • Cheating includes but is not necessarily limited to these examples:
    • Plagiarism, submitting another’s work as original
    • Submission of falsified data, written or oral
    • Looking at another student’s answers during an exam
    • Theft of or unauthorized access to an exam
    • Use of a proxy or being a proxy for another during an exam or activity
    • Use of unauthorized materials, including electronic, in preparation for an exam or assignment.
    • Changing, altering or fabricating a grade, score or any other official academic record.
    • Unauthorized communication to another student in relation to an assignment or exam.
    • Stealing, tampering with or damaging school computers, files, disks or library materials.
    • Stealing or destroying work of another student

Appropriate disciplinary action will occur in cases of academic dishonesty. The consequences will include one or more of the following:

  • A grade of “F”: for the test or assignment
  • A lowered grade in the course
  • Suspension
  • A final grade of “F” in the course
  • Drop from the class

Students who violate the academic honesty regulation may be additionally disciplined by the site administrator in the following areas:

  • Student may lose designation as an Academic Recognition Program Scholar.
  • Students may lose designation as valedictorian or other commencement recognition.
  • Students may lose other school recognition and/or recommendations may be withheld or withdrawn.
  • A written summary of the cheating incident and the resulting action shall be given to parents; keeping a copy on file.

Regulation AR 5011 Approved: 11/10/87 Last Revised: 4/10/2018