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Tardy Policy

Students who arrive late to class will be marked tardy in SB2000 by their teacher.  For every tardy, the teacher may issue a 1 hour detention.  The student will have 7 calendar days to serve the detention.  The detentions can be served before school, after school, or during lunch. The different days and times provide students with enough options to serve their detentions.  Failure to serve any detention is defiance of school policy and may result in being assigned a Saturday School.

Tardy Procedures

  1. Students receive detention slip from the teacher.
  2. Students will serve their detention during one of the designated times.
  3. Student need to bring school work or an SSR book to read during the detention.
  4. Absolutely no electronic devices may be used.
  5. Students will not get credit for a detention if they arrive late or act inappropriately during detention.
  6. Teacher will be notified that the detention has been served by the person who supervised detention via a slip of paper with the student’s name and the date of the detention.

Persistent violations may result in loss of privileges (dance attendance, extra curricular activities, Prom, senior activities, etc.) and suspension from school for defiance of authority.

Other disciplinary action, such as referral to the School Attendance

Review Board or transfer to Alternative Education may be recommended.

Tardiness is in violation of the California Education Code.

All students should be in class, on time, everyday.