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Vocational Opportunities with Instruction and Community Experiences for Students

The VOICES program offers courses that are designed to teach functional academic skills and life skills that target building independence. It is our goal for students to apply these functional skills to the real activities that they encounter in their everyday lives. These functional skills are taught using standards-based modified curriculum and are learned and applied in a variety of environments. The VOICES instruction occurs in both classroom and community settings.

  1. Be ready to learn
  2. Have a positive attitude
  3. Treat others with respect
  4. Be a team player
  5. Bring wallet, ID, and planner to school everyday

The VOICES teachers and staff utilize the following strategies:

  • Whole group instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • 1:1 instruction (as necessary)
  • Cooperative learning activities
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Repetition of instruction
  • Use of visual supports (pictures, daily schedules, realia, etc.)
  • Immediate feedback and specific praise for targeted skill/behavior
  • Token economy to support student behavior
  • Scaffolding activities to build confidence and independence
  • Modeling desired behaviors
  • Role playing
  • Exposure to and use of technology
  • Community Based Instruction (CBI)


The VOICES program will frequently send home important documents in your son/daughter’s backpack. We encourage our students to develop a sense of responsibility with school to home and home to school communication. If your son/daughter does not typically do this independently, please check their backpack for the following:

-IEP documents, monthly calendars, reminders for upcoming activities/events, etc.

CBI (Community Based Instruction)

Typically, each Monday and Friday and the VOICES program will participate in CBI. It is optional if you would like to send your son/daughter to school with a few dollars (no more than $5) to make a small purchase. Some examples of CBI may be Target, Westminster Mall, Dollar Tree, a grocery store, restaurant, etc.

-It is possible that your son/daughter may not participate CBI every week. This can depend on staff availability, school van availability, various student needs, CBI location, etc. 

-Additionally, CBI is a privilege that our VOICES students have. CBI privileges may be temporarily revoked due to student behavior, attitude, work ethic, student safety and/or inappropriate behavior in the community.


We will NOT be providing your son/daughter with daily homework. The students in our VOICES program learn through both large and small group interactions between teachers/aides and students. We use a very “hands-on” approach, with many visual supports and manipulatives as possible, along with immediate feedback. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to work with your son/daughter at home in a variety of ways. Please consider the following options below:

*** We have found that Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target, have a great selection of inexpensive flashcards, activity books, and manipulatives ***


  • Read short books together & ask them questions  
  • Read in the community from signs or menus



  • Work on penmanship and encourage neatness and legibility, tracing is great for this!
  • Practice personal information, writing sentences, etc.



  • Bill/Coins identification, counting, and calculation

Telling Time:

  • Telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour
  • Familiarity with calendars (days of week, months of year, locating date on calendar, etc.)


  • Use flashcards or calculators for addition/subtraction practice


  • Make purchases in the community (count out money, dollar up, wait for change, etc.)
  • Make grocery list, locate items in grocery store, compare prices, etc.
  • Perform simple chores around the home: folding/sorting laundry, washing dishes, sweeping floors, etc.