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AP French Lang Summer Assignment

AP Course Summer 2017 Preparation Work

  1. Writing: You will introduce your best friend to the class. Use the handout attached to review the present tense and use the questions to guide you develop your project. You will also found a vocabulary list.  It should be typed, with all of the necessary accents, double-spaced, in a Cambria font size 12. Your document should be at least one page.
  2. Oral Practice: Please select a favorite French song or one from the list below. Download the lyrics (with translation); memorize the song and practice singing the song. You will sing the song to the class in the first two weeks of school. If you have a French song that you prefer, please send me an email with the names of the song and the performer for approval. It must be a song we have not sung before in class (except if it is on the list below)!

Any questions or concerns during the summer, please contact Mr. K.


Champs-Elysées Joe Dassin
Et si tu n’existais pas Joe Dassin  (You may choose the newer version of Willy Denzey)
Siffler sur la colline Joe Dassin
Dernière danse Indila
Tourner dans le vide Indila
Comme un bateau Indila
Je suis un homme Zazie
L’assasymphonie Mozart L’Opéra Rock
Dis-moi BB Brunes
Toi et moi Grégoire
Petite Emilie Keen’v
Sacré Charlemagne France Galle
Les mots Bleus Thierry Amiel
Comme toi Jean-Jacques Goldman
Te jeter des fleurs Florent Pagny
Avenir Louane
Sapés comme jamais Maître Gims
Papaoutai Stromaé
Je veux Zaz
Aimer jusqu’à l’impossible Tina Arena
Chou Wasabi Julien Doré
Je m’en vais Vianney

Your choice