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Why World Languages

Why Study a Foreign Language?

The need for students to learn another language is greater now that was in the past.

To Work: At this competitive time with the advances of technology and globalization of the world, students who are trying to prepare themselves for the demands of a career after high school cannot ignore the need to learn another language. Employers look for candidates who are proficient in more than one language and who are able to understand the perspectives of other cultures.

To Travel: Knowing other languages will allow students to be able to communicate with locals and truly enjoy what other countries offer when traveling. The World Language Department of WHS opens the door for students to a number of Spanish and French-speaking countries, as well as Vietnam.

To Live in California: Our state has been enriched by immigrants from many countries. Students who can speak and understand a second language are able to communicate and understand their community better.

To Communication with the World: Proficiency in another language allows students to communicate online with citizens of the world through the use of the Internet, its social networks, E-mail, and video/audio teleconferencing.