50,000 lbs of Westminster farm produce donated to OC food bank

The Giving Farm, which is located directly behind the Westminster High School's campus, is an 8 acre facility of crops and traditional farm animals.
Westminster's students can enroll in agriculture courses to gain supervised agriculture experience (SAE) by doing projects for the farm's animals, plants, and/or mechanics. Involvement allows students to become apart of the National Future Farmers of America Organization. 
Recently, they have grown produce such as strawberries, squash, bell pepper, and thousands of pounds of watermelon!
This past week, Westminster High hosted a school-wide Harvest Day where all students and staff had the opportunity to walk through the farm, grab a melon, and place them in large bins to be donated to the Orange County Food Bank. The OC Food Bank distributes the fresh produce to low-income families within our community. 
After all of the hard work harvesting, each person had the opportunity to taste a slice of the juicy watermelon.
Great job Westminster Lions! 
https://www.westminsterffa.org/ Source: Westminster FFA