OCAD is Going to State!!

Westminster High School's OCAD team has been invited to the California Academic Decathlon competition for the 17th consecutive year! The competition was facilitated in a hybrid format this year, which was a welcome change since the competition was entirely virtual for the past 3 years. The students maintained their motivation to challenge themselves intellectually, grow as a team and achieve their goals throughout the competition season. Last Friday, the decathletes attended the OCAD Awards Ceremony in-person alongside their loved ones to witness the results of their perseverance.  


These amazing students have been studying since June 2022. The theme for this year’s competition was “The American Revolution and the New Nation,” and students participated in 10 events - Essay, Speech, Interview, Art, Music, Language/Literature, Math, Science, Economics, and Social Science. 

  • The students won 21 awards total. 

    • County Competition- 5th place Overall Team Award in Division 1

    • SuperQuiz- 4th place 


River Ngô (1st year in OCAD, Junior)

  • Art, 3rd place

  • Essay, 4th place

  • Literature, 5th place

  • Math, 2nd place

  • Music, 3rd place

  • Science, 2nd place

  • Social Science, 2nd place 

  • Overall Individual, 6th place

Nellie Nguyễn (4th year in OCAD, Senior)

  • Janet Hooper Scholarship Award, $1,500.00

Kelly Ninh (2nd year in OCAD, Junior)

  • Art, 4th place

  • Math, 3rd place

  • Music, 4th place

  • Science, 4th place

  • Speech, 2nd place



Jason Lưu (2nd year in OCAD, Senior)

  • Math, 5th place

Nicholas Nguyễn (1st year in OCAD, Sophomore)

Christian Tapia (1st year in OCAD, Junior)



Minh (Kelly) Nguyễn (1st year in OCAD, Sophomore)

Anthony Marin (1st year in OCAD, Junior)

  • Math, 3rd place

  • Speech, 4th place


Tina Đỗ (2nd year in OCAD, Sophomore)

Teresa Nguyễn (2nd year in OCAD, Senior)

  • Art, 4th place

  • Math, 2nd place

Trinh Võ (2nd year in OCAD, Sophomore)