WHS OCAD Team wins 19 awards in CA Academic Decathlon 2023

Westminster High School's OCAD team was invited to the California Academic Decathlon competition for the 17th consecutive year this past weekend in Santa Clara, California. This was an incredible milestone for the team because the students had not been able to compete in-person since 2020!


The students have been studying since June 2022, and the theme for this year’s competition was “The American Revolution and the New Nation.” They participated in 10 events - Essay, Speech, Interview, Art, Music, Language/Literature, Math, Science, Economics, and Social Science. 


After the awards ceremony on Sunday, the team was ready to head back to OC with a total of 19 awards/recognitions! Please view this document for a detailed description of the awards.


In the great words of one of our administrators, this amazing OCAD team definitely "brought home the cheddar".



Special thanks to the incredible subject coaches for assisting the decathletes in their endeavors, to Peter Do for giving up his weekend to chaperone with us, and to all of you who so kindly donated money to the team. We appreciate you all very much, and the students’ achievements would not be possible without you all. 

Lions, please congratulate River Ngô, Nellie Nguyễn, Kelly Ninh, Jason Lưu, Nicholas Nguyễn, Christian Tapia, David Rojas, Minh Nguyễn, Anthony Marin, Tina Đỗ, Teresa Nguyễn, and Trinh Võ when you see them. We are so proud of them for representing WHS with dignity!