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Rules and Procedures

The Activities Office is in G1.  The Activities Secretary, Jessica, may be contacted in person, at ext. 52409, or at [email protected].



  • Print Fundraising Request Form from website.
  • Submit form 3 weeks prior to anticipated first day of sales.
  • ALL food sales, this includes candy, are prohibited during school hours.  
  • Form Approval Process:
  1. Jessica – scheduling
  2. Assistant Principal approval
  3. ASB – final approval.
  • Jessica will return form within 5 school days to advisor/coach and schedule the event on the Fundraiser Calendar.
  • Only curricular clubs and athletics may hold on-campus fundraisers.
  • All money must be turned in to the finance office by the advisor/coach, not students.
  • All monies due to the finance office no later than three school days after close of event.
  • Students may not sell items door to door.
  • Fundraisers for non-curricular clubs shall follow rules for non-curricular clubs.



  • Form will be automatically sent to the Activities Office, the Plant Manager, and Receiving.
  • Jessica will check date on Calendar and receive approval from AP.
  • There may be times when a request is denied. This decision is based on the school activities calendar.
  • Jessica Milligan will contact you if your request is denied. If you are not contacted, then consider your request approved.
  • If you are requesting the Library contact Sandy prior to completing this form. If you are using the Theater please contact Eva McCully prior to completing this form.
  • You MUST submit this form for calendar purposes even if there is no set-up needed, and to make parents, and administration aware of your event.





  • Usage can be requested in person or via email with Jessica.
  • Jessica will schedule all van usage on Van Calendar.
  • Van calendar is shared with ASB Bookkeeper for billing purposes.
  • Van fees are $50 per day.



  • Announcement requests are electronic ONLY obtained on the website (NO PAPER REQUESTS)
  • All announcement requests get automatically sent to the Activities Secretary.        
  • Announcements must be received by 2pm the day prior to the requested reading.
  • Sport results may be submitted the morning of the reading by 7:30 am as the results are not available until that time.
  • Non-curricular clubs require prior approval for any announcements and the 2pm deadline will apply only after approval.



  • Field Trip Request Forms are available online.
  • All bus requests MUST be done through Bus Hive.  See Activities Secretary for assistance.
  • Request will need to be complete including DC signature and account #.
  • Activities Secretary will submit to AP for approval.
  • A request must be sent to the DO for Board approval if the field trips involves any of the below-listed criteria:
  1. Overnight
  2. Over 100 miles one way
  3. Cost to students
  • Please see Activities Secretary for submission dates.
  • If your field trip is being paid through Title 1, you must submit your request to the Special Projects Tech in K11.