Class of 2028 - Incoming 9th Grade

AP/Honors Agreement
2024-25 School Year
By completing the above form, you acknowledged that all AP/Honors level course requests are a year-long commitment.  If I want to drop any AP/Honors level course request then you need to email your Guidance Specialist before the end of this school year, 6/14.
By completing the above form, you are aware that you need to attend summer school to make-up credits for graduation and/or for meeting UC/CSU a-g OR you want to participate in an athletic activity and/or take an academic acceleration or prep class.
  • 6 weeks program
  • Tentatively scheduled for June 26-August 2, 2024
  • Each period is 2.5 hours long
  • A third absent during summer school will possibly result in being dropped