Senior Awards Recognitions

HBUHSD Academic Recognition Program - 

Required Course of Study

Based on 7th semester GPA requirements


Additional HBUHSD Graduation Recognition Requirements


Scholar with Expertise

Meets CSU minimum requirements

White Cord

Scholar with Honors

Exceeds CSU requirements

Gold Cord

Scholar with Distinction 

Meets UC recommendations

Gold Stowel


Summa Cum Laude

Red Robe

A cumulative 7th semester GPA of 4.40+

GPA Criteria

gr 10 - 12 GPA of 2.5+

in all “a-g” courses

gr 10 - 12 GPA of 3.0+

in all “a-g” courses

gr 10 - 12 GPA of 3.6+

in all “a-g” courses


Magna Cum Laude
Red Robe

A 7th semester cumulative GPA of 4.00 - 4.39

Letter Grade

Earn a grade of C or better in “a-g”courses

Earn a grade of C or better in “a-g”courses

Earn a grade of C or better in “a-g”courses


Seal of Biliteracy
Teal Cord

3.0 minimum GPA in all ELA courses


At or above “Standard Met” on CAASPP


-A demonstration of proficiency in one or more languages other than English (demonstrated via a variety of methods)


**Additional English Proficiency Requirement for English Learners Only:

must attain a score of level 4 on
the (ELPAC).


Academic Honesty 

Academic Honesty 

Academic Honesty 




CTE Pathway Completion
Royal Blue Cord

Completion of a CTE Pathway sequence with a “C” average or better in pathway classes


(Language other than


2 levels 

(same language) 

2 levels 

(same language) 

3 levels 

(same language) 


Advanced Math

3 years including Algebra 2

or Data Science

4 years 

(4th year beyond Algebra 2)

4 years, plus 1 year beyond

Algebra 2 or Data Science


Artistic Literacy
Chartreuse Cord

- Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher

- GPA of 3.0 or higher in all arts courses

- Completion of 2-3 years of arts education 

- At least 1 advanced level of coursework

- Participate in or display of artworks through performance or


Lab Science 

2 Years

2 Years

2 Years



1 Year

1 Year

1 Year



Scholars must also

complete all diploma


Concentration Area

Three years 

(6 semesters) with grades of B or better from one of these areas:




Family/Consumer Studies

Industrial Technology


Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Approved Career Focus



Career Technical Ed


Westminster High School Recognitions
Who to Contact for Questions
Academic Decathalon
Ms. Dong & Mrs. Ramirez
AVID Mr. Dykes
California Scholarship Federation Mr. Do
Future Farmers of America Mr. Eusantos & Ms. Cunningham
MERITS Mrs. Gonzales & Mr. Pham
National Honors Society Mr. Pham
Peer Tutors Title I
Principles of Leadership Mr. Ortega
PUENTE Mrs. Prado, Mr. Judeh, & Mr. Sira
Upward Bound Mr. Richard Perez