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Homework Policy

We will NOT be providing your son/daughter with daily homework. The students in our VOICES program learn through both large and small group interactions between teachers/aides and students. We use a very “hands-on” approach, with many visual supports and manipulatives as possible, along with immediate feedback. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to work with your son/daughter at home in a variety of ways. Please consider the following options below:

*** We have found that Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target, have a great selection of inexpensive flashcards, activity books, and manipulatives ***



  • Read short books together & ask them questions  
  • Read in the community from signs or menus


  • Work on penmanship and encourage neatness and legibility, tracing is great for this!
  • Practice personal information, writing sentences, etc.



  • Bill/Coins identification, counting, and calculation

Telling Time:

  • Telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour
  • Familiarity with calendars (days of week, months of year, locating date on calendar, etc.)


  • Use flashcards or calculators for addition/subtraction practice


  • Make purchases in the community (count out money, dollar up, wait for change, etc.)
  • Make grocery list, locate items in grocery store, compare prices, etc.
  • Perform simple chores around the home: folding/sorting laundry, washing dishes, sweeping floors, etc.