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Executive Board

2023-2024 ASB Executive Board

Macailah Hopwood, Prime Minister
Leyna Nguyen, Chancellor
Derrick Auduong, Minister of Records
Brizeth Godoy, Exchequer

House of Lords

An Nguyen,  Senior Class President
Aubrey Tapia,  Senior Vice President
Arianne Toribio,  Junior Class President
Timmy Tran,  Junior Class Vice President
RaeNguy,  Sophomore Class President
Julieta Perez Cortez,  Sophomore Class Vice President
Donna Huynh,  Freshman Class President
Jessica Nguyen,  Freshman Class Vice President
Kevin Duong,  Minister of Athletics
Chacha Miranda,  Minister of Athletics
Brad Nguyen,  Minister of Clubs
Valerie Tran,  Minister of Clubs
Abigail Lezama,  Minister of Commons
Heather Cao,  Minister of Dances
Chloe Phan,  Minister of Dances
Cynthia Truong,  Minister of Dances
Alejandra Gutierrez,  Minister of Education
Yazmin Orozco,  Minister of Education
Hayden Tong,  Minister of Elections
Alyssa Mai,  Minister at Large
Meggie Truong,  Minister at Large
Benjamin Nguyen,  Minister of Pep
Annie Turcios,  Minister of Pep
Noah Barajas,  Minister of Public Relations
Gabriel Carrillo,  Minister of Public Relations
Natalie Dinh,  Minister of Publicity
Julee Truong,  Minister of Publicity
Vanessa Lupercio,  Minister of Rallies
Haley Nguyen,  Minister of Rallies
Tiffany Nguyen,  Minister of Rallies
Maritza Marquez,  Minister of Technology
Trinity Nguyen,  Minister of Technology

The Associated Student Body (ASB) represents the interests and goals of the entire Westminster High School Student Body. Students in ASB plan, organize, and participate in activities such as formal and informal dances, Homecoming, Spirit Week, grade-level competitions, community awareness projects, cultural events, staff recognition, and more throughout the year. 

Students are elected or appointed to the class each spring for the following school year.

Students are required to work additional hours outside of class and must maintain high academic and citizenship grades to remain in the program.